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Our Platforms & Solutions


Our Platforms & Solutions

Creation of customized platforms and integrated solutions allowing users to reach optimized energy consumption, home technology integration, while reducing the environmental impact and, above all, the economic burden.

Open Innovation Center

H+H has placed innovation and sustainability at the center of its business. It has also undertaken to build and develop high-technological value companies. Moving towards an Open innovation model, the company not only uses ideas and resources from its in-house team, but also inputs, solutions, tools and skills from external partners, such as startups, universities, research institutions, providers, inventors, developers, advisers.


Thanks to the open innovation formula, companies can access and incorporate the innovations available on the market into their own business model, through the integration of business incubators or accelerators for small firms or startups, the creation of partnerships or the acquisition of other companies.
Such Open innovation model speeds up the creation and identification of technologies and solutions in several industries.

Technological Backbone

Thanks to installation of network backbones, we can now establish high-speed technology connections for data transmission and capacity between two servers and routers. This installation intervention is also available for private areas and offers the optical fiber even for areas so far not covered.
The implementation of network backbones facilitates communication between internal energy efficiency hubs, making energy consumption management and optimization faster and more immediate.

H+H Lab

Our Research and Development team – H+H Lab – is an integral part of our company and is fully committed to investigating new technological innovations and systems that allow for integrating new energy efficient processes as well as continuously improving of Devices and existent solutions.


Supply Chain e Industria 4.0

Nell’epoca della trasformazione digitale delle aziende, cardine principale della quarta rivoluzione industriale, la filiera logistica di produzione e la sua evoluzione sta diventando di primario

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